Public Agencies taking the Lead on Environmental Sustainability

Public Agencies are taking the lead by using energy and resources more efficiently, and in the state of California, agencies can enter into negotiated agreements to reduce energy consumption pursuant to Government Code Section 4217 et seq.  Beyond improving building energy efficiency, agencies are encouraged to adopt environmentally sustainable practices, such as lighting and ballast retrofits, energy management systems, and upgraded energy efficient HVAC Systems.  Public agencies are also encouraged to finance and implement their energy efficiency improvements through  performance contracting.

Energy Efficiency Projects

The California public programs office has developed programs that promote energy efficiency in the local government, schools, hospitals, agriculture, industrial, and water treatment sectors of California.  With regard to lighting and  ballast retrofits, the key is to maintain uniformity and light quality while simultaneously boosting efficiency.  Municipalities statewide continue to see an increase in facility operations costs, with typical energy costs being three to ten percent of annual operating expenses.  For this reason, communities who have lighting and HVAC systems that are old, worn and reaching the end of their life cycles, are making necessary upgrades.  At Municipal Finance, we are experienced in financing these types of upgrades and retrofits.  Contact Us to find out more about Energy Efficiency Project financing.

Renewable Energy Projects

Faced with increasing pressure to cut costs and comply with emerging emissions reductions goals, public agencies — federal, state, regional, and local — are leading the charge toward sustainability.  The renewable energy industry is becoming an increasingly vital component of California’s economy, including solar panels at public facilities, wind turbines, and cogeneration systems at wastewater treatment plants and landfills.  By improving energy efficiency and purchasing clean, reliable, and renewable energy, public agencies stand to benefit in many ways.  One of the major challenges, however, regarding public sector adoption of renewable energy, is the ability to secure funds to cover the high upfront costs associated with the purchase and installation of these technologies.  Although purchasing a renewable energy system outright is generally considered to be the most cost effective strategy in the long-term, the high capital costs are often prohibitive.  At Municipal Finance, we are experienced in working with public agencies in the funding of such projects.  Contact Us to find out more about how we can help you.