Protecting Water Quality & Supply

The treatment, management and efficient delivery of fresh, clean water to the community is one of the primary responsibilities of local municipalities.  Population size and growth can create an ongoing challenge for proper treatment and efficient delivery.

Components of the water treatment process age, break, and decay over time.  Refurbishing or constructing new treatment, storage, and delivery systems is a major undertaking for any community.  We understand the financial implications of such an undertaking.  This has become a major concern for a growing number of aging communities who have infrastructures that are old, worn and reaching the end of their life cycles.  At Municipal Finance, we are experienced in financing water lines/mains, and storage systems from tanks to towers.


The proper treatment of municipal and industrial sewage is critical to every community’s health and vitality. The wastes generated by 60% of the United States population is collected in sewer systems and carried along by 14 billion gallons of water each day.  10% of this is allowed to pass untreated into our rivers, streams, and oceans. The remaining 90% receives some form of treatment to improve the quality of the water before it is released for reuse.

Wastewater treatment equipment ages, breaks, and decays over time often requiring expensive refurbishing of sewage treatment facilities, storage, and by-product removal/recycling equipment.  Often, refurbishing is not possible due to age, and expensive construction, renovation, and replacements become necessary.  This can put a tremendous strain on a community.  Contact Us to find out more about our experience in funding complex waste water projects such as these.